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The Big Freeze of Coolsculpting is taking Baton Rouge

woman measuring fatA revolutionary treatment that freezes fat cells so that they die naturally and are discarded by the body is taking Baton Rouge by storm. With over 26 available clinics offering coolsculpting in Baton Rouge as an option to get rid of cellulite instead of surgically invasive procedures like liposuction, this new medical procedure is proving to be a very popular choice for those who need a little help in contouring their bodies.

The procedure was introduced to the Louisiana area scarcely more than a year ago by Dr. Ann Zedlitz. Dr. Zedlitz, owner of Z Aesthetic Dermatology , was excited about the procedure due to the promising clinical studies and was keen to offer a procedure which offered far fewer risks than current procedures along with the benefits of shorter downtimes. Since the introduction of the treatment by Dr. Zedlitz and in that relatively short space of time, clinics which offer the procedure have mushroomed.

And its no wonder that this type of therapy is fast becoming the most popular choice for getting rid of stubborn cellulite. The treatment is totally non-invasive. There are no needles needed, no potentially harmful surgery and there is little to no recovery time needed after the procedure. In fact this technology is proving so popular, that companies like Solta who are market rivals of this technology are being sold while Zeltiq’s total revenue rose by sixty five last year.

So what are the benefits that make this procedure so popular?

As mentioned earlier, this body sculpting technique is non-evasive, involves no surgery or needles and has a relatively quick recovery time for the patient. It can also be very selectively applied which means that as a therapy it can specifically target problem areas like legs, arms and or thighs, making it a more precise option where it comes to body contouring. The applicator is fairly small and the treatment can target specific areas whilst leaving surrounding tissue intact. Patients can begin to see results after a few short weeks and for those who don’t have hours to spend in the gym, this procedure makes complete affordable sense.

Side effects of the procedure are also relatively mild compared with similar procedures. What you can expect after a session of coolsculpting is:
• A small amount of nausea or dizziness;
• That the treated area may be red for a few hours;
• A small amount of bruising, swelling and tenderness at the treated area;
• That the treated area may lose some sensation for a short period;
• That the treated area may feel bloated and may look swollen for a while;
• That the area may itch, feel numb, or you may experience mild pain.

Most, if not all of these side effects should disappear within a week or two of treatment along with a steady decrease in the thickness of the fat layer that has been treated with the therapy. The majority of patients begin to see results of their body contouring within a few weeks of treatment with dramatic results being visible from two months.

Based on the results and very few side effects, it’s no wonder that coolsculpting in Baton Rouge is fast becoming the standard medical procedure for the removal of cellulite.

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November 25, 2013
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A Closer Look at Micro-Needling

There’s a lot of buzz these days about micro-needling. Many are excitedly extolling its virtues, but many are skeptics too. But what is it really?

Micro-needling is also known as collagen induction therapy or CIT, and it is a cosmetic procedure which involves covering an area of skin with very thin, shallow pinpricks, using very tiny, very short sterile needles. The process is said to stimulate the skin’s production of collagen, which then rushes to the areas where the pricks are. The increase in collagen makes the skin look plumper and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks. Moreover the punctures facilitate better absorption of the skin care and anti-aging products that one uses, thereby increasing their efficacy.

Skin needling with devices like Dermapen costs remarkably less than than laser resurfacing, and is considered quite a breakthrough in anti-aging, and scar-minimizing procedures.

Does it really work? There are different lengths and gauges of needles that are used for this procedure, and the effects are dependent on the kind of needles used. The widest and shortest needles facilitate absorption of products with the added benefit of exfoliation and can be done at home with, working mostly like a massage. But there would not be a lot of collagen stimulation happening. The longer and thinner needles, on the other hand, may perform the latter function but, as with anything that breaches the skin barrier and draws blood, poses an increased risk of infection. Pressing too hard or using needles that are too long will cause some bleeding and quite a bit of pain.

Anyone who undergoes micro-needling is advised to make sure that the skin, as well as the needling devices are clean and sanitized. To ensure that no cross-contamination occurs, it is preferable that one needling device be exclusively used for one patient. Barring this, a thorough disinfection and sanitation must be made on the micro-needling device. It is also important to make sure that the devices with the longer needles must only be handled by professionals who are able to detect and counteract any adverse reactions.

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September 12, 2013
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Why Men Have Breasts

Men have breasts, but they don’t have to wear bras or obsess over them and wonder if they’re too flat, or if they should go for breast augmentation with Dr. Vasisht in Philadelphia, or if they should just work on their pecs. Don’t you ever wonder what’s the point of men having them? They’ve got them but they’re flat (although there are a few exceptions). They’ve got them but can’t use them. They can’t breast feed or anything… They’ve got no purpose whatsoever. So why indeed do men have them?

Apparently, male breasts and nipples are there because at the moment of conception, the zygote (a fertilized human egg) does not have gender yet. When it starts forming into an embryo, its chromosomal makeup (XX for female, and XY for male) does not have any bearing, the rapidly multiplying cells are just pre-programmed to form a female. It’s only when it’s at six weeks, when there’s already a distinguishable head, spine, chest, arms, and legs that testosterone comes into play if the embryo has a Y chromosome, which triggers the development of the male sex organs. Otherwise, the embryo just goes on developing into a female fetus, as planned.

So when we’re gawking at Jesse Williams’s or Idris Elba’s torso, we have to give some thanks to the biological blueprint they share with us women, which gave them nipples, because you’ve to admit it would mar perfection if they were born without them.

So, if by some stroke of hormonal luck, a man is totally deprived of testosterone, like if his testicles stopped manufacturing it, or if he got into an accident and lost his balls forever, there’s a huge chance that his breasts will get bigger, because the hormone that inhibited their development is no longer there to stop them.

We know this could happen because we’ve seen some men who sort of have boobs, either because they’ve got fat in the area or by a hormonal trigger. We even have a term for it – man boobs, or moobs.

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September 10, 2013
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High Risk Ethnicity

Did you gals know that among the ethnic groups in Chicago and the rest of the United States, ours is at most risk for getting kidney disease and developing renal failure? None of the articles I’ve read say precisely what it is about our biology that puts our kind at risk, only that statistically, African Americans make up 67 percent of dialysis patients. That’s a glaring and totally scary figure.

Apparently, it may be connected to the fact that blacks also have higher rates for diabetes and hypertension. One in every three black persons has hypertension – another whopper of a statistic. Kidney function is highly dependent on the efficiency of blood circulation and the health of the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure and diabetes make the heart work harder and may damage blood vessels, and if those blood vessels happen to be located within either of the kidneys, the affected organ would not be able to fulfill its function of filtering and cleaning the blood of excess fluids and waste. On the other hand, good function on the part of the kidneys in regulating the fluid in the blood contributes in keeping blood pressure normal and the heart healthy.

The worrisome thing is, all three diseases – hypertension, diabetes, and renal failure – are asymptomatic with no warning signs, no discomfort, no nothing. Anyone who has any of these conditions wouldn’t know it. Or even those who have one disease may not be aware that they have one or both of the other two. And sometimes, the ignorance persists until a domino piece falls and by then, it’s probably a bit late in the game and all the other chips have started falling too.

The only way one would know is to take one’s blood pressure. So it’s better to get screened and tested and catch these diseases early, because the earlier they are caught, the earlier one can mitigate the damage they can cause to the system.

There’s no cure for renal failure, the only hope for close to normal body function would be a kidney transplant. And barring that, one has to rely on regular dialysis to stay alive, which involves a way of life filled with needles and tubes and machines that do what kidneys can no longer do. One would probably have to have a dialysis access graft done in one arm too, a procedure that is available at Piano Vein Vascular.

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September 6, 2013
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Dark Skin and Spider Veins

Spider veins are tiny thread-like red and blue omens of varicose veins to come. They are caused by an enlargement of blood vessels near the surface of the skin, which would otherwise by unseen. In themselves are pretty harmless, especially when found in the face, arms, and elsewhere on the upper part of the body. But when they are found in the legs, it can be a sign that something is not right in the circulation, and if left untreated or uncorrected, these tiny veins near the skin may eventually lead to enlarged veins way below the surface of the skin.

On Caucasian, and East Asian skin, they are easily apparent. Most women of Newport Beach, for example, are still quite pale-skinned, no matter how tanned they are from all their yachting, and they’ll notice as soon as those spider veins develop and promptly see a specialist such as those in EZ Veins. Detecting these veins early means they can be treated early, by sclerotherapy, radiofrequency occlusion, or lasers, which in turn could prevent future varicose veins from developing.

But on dark African skin like ours, or Middle-Eastern or South Asian skin, spider veins can be hard to discern. So women like us could have them but not know it. The thought is greatly troubling. Perhaps the only time we’ll know it is when those horrible, long, twisty varicose veins pop up from our legs. Ugh.

So what do we do? I guess we sisters should just make sure that there’s no reason for us to have spider veins or their ugly cousin, varicose veins. We should exercise regularly to keep our cardiovascular system healthy. To make extra, extra sure we’re good in that department, we should put up our legs for a few minutes at the end of the day, to relieve the pressure off our legs. And speaking or relieving pressure, we should also avoid staying on our feet for hours on end, but if it can’t be avoided, we should take sitting breaks every so often, or moving our legs this way and that, to get the blood circulating. Oh, and we should also keep off those extra pounds – as if we need another reason to do that.

I sure hope all that’s enough prevention. What do you think?

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September 5, 2013
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Trend in Hollywood Breasts

Although breast implants is a trend that isn’t confined to the Hollywood set, and actually extend to Scottsdale and Austin, celebrity boobs entrance us in the way that most things that have to do with famous people seem to fascinate us, and draw us to observe more closely and speculate more curiously. We never know for sure who’s had some breast augmentation done, and who hasn’t. Not a lot of the A-listers would probably admit to a boob job. But we can take wild guesses and perhaps justify them.

There are those that we could assume don’t have fake breasts because we have seen them when they were really, really young, and it would bother us immensely if their parents or managers or whatever have made them go through plastic surgery just after hitting puberty. These would be Hilary Swank, whom we saw in “The Next Karate Kid”; Anne Hathaway, whom we saw in “The Princess Diaries” series; Christina Ricci, whom we saw in “Mermaids”, “Casper”, and the “Addams Family” series before going on to the edgy teen roles starting with “The Opposite of Sex”; and then there’s Lindsay Lohan, whom we saw transition from “The Parent Trap” in 1998 to “Freaky Friday” 5 years later. Then there are the those pre-teen girls we saw grow up before our very eyes on TV, such as Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez.

Then there are those whom we suppose could have had some work done on their breasts because they have obviously have had some plastic surgery on their faces, such as Megan Fox. The guys may not have noticed, being so focused on her bod, but her face in “Transformers” is very different from her face in “Transformers 2”. So if she’s okay tinkering with her already gorgeous face, it puts the rest of her body into question. Did she tinker with her other body parts too?

And finally there are those celebrities who, we could very safely say have not had any breast augmentation done because, well, they hardly have any breasts to begin with. We can start with the two Kates, Bosworth and Hudson. Not much there, right? And then there’s Meg Ryan and Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sandra Bullock, Clair Danes and Keira Knightley. It is interesting to note that these ladies are some of the most successful and the most talented women in Hollywood. Clearly they did not need breasts to land all those great roles. They earned their reputations by sheer talent. Gotta hand it to them.

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August 24, 2013
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Being Grateful for Melanin

anti wrinkleAren’t you girls so ever grateful for melanin? It’s the pigment that gives us rich dark brown skin, protects us from sunburns and skin cancer with its own super SPF, and keeps our skin soft and supple for years and years. We never need anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatments until we’re actually, well, kinda old.

Oh I’m grateful, so grateful, for melanin.

When those pesky wrinkles do come (and they will come), when skin loses its elasticity and succumb to gravity, I must say we own them. We still look pretty fine, I must say. Skin tends to remain pretty tight, and the lines just add tons of character. That’s aging gracefully for you.

But I’m sure the time will come when even the best of us would consider getting a little something something done, just to gentle any harshness that we might exhibit. Oh, I’m sure we’re not above cosmetic procedures, when the time comes. It’s way too fun to be fabulous. We like character, yes siree, but not too much of it. Old age can wait a few more years.

So maybe some of those anti-wrinkle injections, to soften up those too-defined lines in the brow area., and to prevent us from frowning our way to the Marianas Trench. We can get with that. Just a little bit, though; not too much. Don’t you guys just hate that frozen Botox-ed up look? We see a lot of those in San Diego (North Country) and Adelaide (Norwood), and we don’t want none of that.

We also should think about them derma fillers. They do rock something fierce. In involves injecting fillers, usually hyaluronic acid, in and around the areas where it’s needed. It bonds with water molecules and get plumped up, filling up the lines so they don’t look too deep. They’re great for those deep grooves on both sides of the mouth, that we call laugh lines. We should also try them on our crow’s feet – yes, let’s make those fly, fly, far, far away. Derma fillers are also used to fill the hollows of our faces that look too hollow when we get to certain age — such as the temples, in the eye socket, and cheeks. And why we’re at it, let’s throw in some breast augmentation too. Haha.

Yes, we won’t be old just yet, but when we are, we’ll make sure we’re ready for it. In the meantime, yay for melanin!

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August 10, 2013
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Dreaming of that Shapely Derriere

smartlipo in PlanoBlack women are usually stereotyped to have big butts. Of course not all of us have it, but a lot of us do. And that’s not a bad thing. We’re proud of our junk in da trunk. Think Beyonce, Mariah, Serena Williams, and our girl Mary J. Blige. There’s no such thing as too much. It boosts confidence and swag, and adds a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to our walk.

But, since we’re being honest with ourselves, although we do want to keep our backsides on the generous side, we struggle with getting it the right shape. A nice shape. We admit to wanting a little streamlining back there. And while we’re at it, how about getting rid of those lovehandles and saddlebags that cramp our style and ruin our silhouette? It’s probably something we share with a lot of women worldwide. No matter how smart and sassy we are, when we look in the mirror we see things that could use a little tweaking.

Liposuction would typically answer some of our body image issues, but fear factors in and we just sort of say no to all that. There’s too much risk — it is a major surgery after all. We also are deterred by too long of a downtime, as we have jobs and chores and lots of responsibilities. And besides, the thought of scalpels and blood and that vacuum cleaner-like suction just turns us off.

However there’s a new technology called SMARTLIPO, which enables cosmetic surgeons to perform liposuctions with the help of lasers. And in the right hands, it performs like a sculptor’s instrument. It shapes and sculpts by zapping, liquefying and removing the fat cells permanently, with just a local anesthetic, minimum discomfort, and minimum bleeding. It doesn’t require much recovery time too. And best of all, it tightens and tones the skin, which regular liposuction cannot do.

This is very good news for us sistahs who are considering taking a shortcut towards a more bootylicious caboose. It soothes our fears and helps us to make that jump.

If you’re looking to get a SMARTLIPO procedure done in Plano, then you’re in luck. Horizon is a clinic that is very very good at it.

Here’s to shapely butts!

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July 29, 2013
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Traditional Black People Names in the 21st Century

Our names are a very important part of our identity, and choosing these names is just as important. In fact, every name has its own specific meaning, which is what makes them so interesting. Black people names are perhaps the most interesting names. This is because they sound the most interesting, but they also have profound meanings.

Varha – The Fusion of Modern Culture and Heritage


Where old meets new, Varha is a common name.

One of the most interesting Black names is Varha. So, what does this name mean and what is its etymology? The name comes from an Indian word, which translates to Rain. Which is why many African American families are choosing this name, as rain is a beautiful thing and a symbol of life and fertility in the fertile crescent of Northern Africa. And what’s more, according to the numerological definition, the name is for people who tend to be warm and nurturing.

These people will also grow up as reliable people, people who live to take care of others. They’ll also create a sense of harmony where ever they go. For this reason, it’s one of the more beautiful names.

Other Unique Black People Names

Akira is another interesting Black people name, which literally means intelligence. In fact, according to the names definition, these people are generally self-motivated, active, and courageous. They also have a certain sense of charisma, so they’re ideal for any leadership positions. People named Akira also love the spot-light on them; in fact, they love to impress people and they always want the attention to be on them. Plus, according to the definition, being a wife or mother is the last thing on an Akira’s mind. Akira’s tend to focus more on personal success.



Though most people believe the name stems from Japanese origins, the name Akira has its roots in Western Africa – literally meaning, “intelligent one.”


Lakisha is one of the more popular Black people names, and for good reason. It’s a word of Arabic descent, and it means “She who lives”. So, it’s seen by many parents that this name is reserved for people who live their lives to the fullest. And, according to the numerology, Lakisha’s are strictly right-brained people. Meaning, they tend to be more creative than logical. They also love their freedom and wouldn’t sacrifice it for anyone. Lakisha’s live for socializing, which makes them very likeable. It’s a name many parents want their children to have.

Our Choice: the Most Beautiful of the Popular 21st Century Black People Names

(and it’s a boy name!)

As far as boy names go, Akash is one of the more beautiful names you can choose from. The literal definition of this name is space.


Akash boy

Boys named Akash love to take up space and explore their external world. They are natural lovers and givers.


And, according to numerology, these children are often times organized, methodical, and overly cautious. So, the ideal career for an Akash is either physician or attorney. Plus, they tend to be a lot more sensitive and spiritual than most people. And, they thrive in a calming environment. For this reason, they’ll no doubt seek out a calming environment before they settle down anywhere. Without the calming environment it’s hard for them to work.

With so many beautiful black people names, which one will you choose?

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September 9, 2012
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African American Names

(iii)These sites provide brands with proper spelling, diction and meaning. He has probably joined the African American growing tendency of adopting African names; he has probably offered his own kids some African names. The child names link you and your loved ones with yesteryear and additionally with ancestral values. Some titles that I recall in this respect are that of Larry N. He is Africa, but he is persuaded that Africa titles are un-Godly, no matter what they state.

Being black, individuals readily evoke powerful feelings to these cats. March 5, 1770, Crispus Attucks, a Black Natick Indian, stepped dramatically into U. He has some informative details and info that substantiates our Red, Black, Asian, Latino, Native American, and White bloodlines. Present and previous rodeo shows seldom have Black Cowboy(s) along on their junkets. Then in 1986 Michael Jordan took for the courts sporting red and black Nike Air Force Ones.

African-Americans show a lower price of thyroid cancer overall, but tumor growth leading to metastasis is higher as compared to White populations. If one African name is poor or un-Christian, then a Religious should substitute it with another African name that venerates Christ or Lord. He determined to right the incorrect, and he changed the poor name with a better African name of Religious worth. (vii)Apart from African baby names, these sites have baby names for all kinds of race. For example, a higher proportion of African-Americans have difficulty in supporting protracted medical treatment for cancer.

When such parents appear for names for their child, they will clearly be intrigued about African baby names and American African baby titles. Your African origins may be amply demonstrated in your child’s name by totally choosing among the African baby names or American African names from the reward worthy sites. African names and African American baby names are an extremely popular class of brands. In essence, Africans most frequently choose titles which are related to the occurrences of time once the infant is delivered. He declined the infant’s name merely because it was African, regardless what it states or indicates.

Genealogy research may be fascinating, enjoyable, and rewarding, connecting you with your background, too as other individuals who are finding their family skills. Not simply can you find surprising info about your loved ones and ancestors, but you can make contacts with other ancestry researchers. The aid supplied on this website is extensive with a listing of ancestry publications and several posts. It isn’;t unusual to locate a remote relative in this manner, but at least, you may get suggestions from others with more genealogy experience. While the ancestry site doesn’t include its own databases, its se is fairly complete, bringing back results from more than 1,500 locations.

It has been highly regarded very unlucky by the European and European-American traditions, but concomitant to the sailor’s good luck beliefs. Based on the American Cancer Society, an estimated 48,000 cases of thyroid cancer are diagnosed each year in The Usa resulting in 1,700 deaths. The resultant name-identity crisis might mirror the American comedy film titled, “Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Certainly, for the goal of the treatise, it is remarkable that a few White Americans bear African names, too. For instance, a white person can seldom give a kidney to an Africa American individual.

Cultural groups having greater danger of developing advance-stage thyroid cancer is an indication hereditary conditions could also have a part to perform in growth of particular kinds of malignancies. Results suggested African-American patients suffering from medullary thyroid cancer have higher death risk. Experts find Africa Americans are far more prone to have medullary thyroid cancer tumors over 4 centimeters long on diagnoses as compared to Caucasians.

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January 1, 1970